Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Naweji

Emmanuel is a blogger, coach, writer, and speaker, in addition to serving as a Pastor. His passion is to help people lead, influence, and live at their best, as Christians. Emmanuel was born in Belgium, grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, studied in Zimbabwe (Africa University, a United Methodist-related institution, where he learned his first 25 English words, as he always jokes), and then came to the U.S. in 2005. He started serving as a Pastor in 2008 through the United Methodist Church in Iowa, and here in Harris and Lake Park, since 2014. He is father to two daughters: Emly and Belka. You can learn more about him on his blog.

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712.832.3361 EX. 11

Karla Kyle

Let’s face it – she is to the church what tools are to a contractor—an indispensable cog in the smoothly running machine that is the Lake Park United Methodist Church. In her previous life she kept busy as a teacher and coach for 25 years teaching a variety of business classes.  She spent the last 20 years chasing her sons all over the map attending various athletic activities.

Karla, a Lake Park local, has been the church secretary since March 2020.

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