Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Naweji

Emmanuel is a blogger, coach, writer, and speaker, in addition to serving as a Pastor. His passion is to help people lead, influence, and live at their best, as Christians. Emmanuel was born in Belgium, grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, studied in Zimbabwe (Africa University, a United Methodist-related institution, where he learned his first 25 English words, as he always jokes), and then came to the U.S. in 2005. He started serving as a Pastor in 2008 through the United Methodist Church in Iowa, and here in Harris and Lake Park, since 2014. He is father to two daughters: Emly and Belka. You can learn more about him on his blog.

Contact Pastor Emmanuel

712.832.3361 EX. 11


Let’s face it – she is to the church what tools are to a contractor—an indispensable cog in the smoothly running machine that is the Lake Park United Methodist Church. In her previous life she’s kept busy with farming, agronomy, raising a family and chickens (not interchangeable!), teaching college courses and learning stained glass. She and her husband Gary are now semi-retired and enjoy life on the lake.

In the summer months she can be found tending her many ‘Gardens of Eatin’ while simultaneously supervising Gary’s fishing and lawn mowing prowess. She’s a published author and writes about growing up and living in and around Lake Park. She and Gary felt compelled to heed God’s calling to serve others through yearly two-week mission trips focused on the people in the Central America and Caribbean regions. These trips are during the winter months which provide a much-needed respite from this arctic tundra that we so lovingly call home.

Judy, a Lake Park local, has been the church secretary since 2003.

Meet The Leadership Teams



Harris Leadership Team

  • Cal Harms - Administrative Council Chair
  • Gregg Hellinga - Lay Leader
  • Nancy Anderson - Treasurer
  • Amy Bosma - Financial Secretary
  • Thad Bosma - Staff Parish Relations Committee
  • Amy Bosma & Val Riesbeg - Chair of Education
  • Cheryl Dake - Chair of Outreach
  • Becky Davis - Chair of Memorial
  • Steve Bosma - Chair of Finance
  • Noah Bosma - Chair of Trustees
  • Judy Taber - Membership Secretary
  • Cheryl Dake - Ad Council Secretary
  • LaDonna Bosma - Co-Chair of Worship
  • Laura Fiebig - Co-Chair of Worship

Lake Park Leadership Team

  • Jon Martin - Administrative Council Chair
  • Fran Graham - Lay Leader
  • Rebecca Luitjens - Lay member to Annual Conference
  • Marie Matthiesen - Treasurer
  • Emily Pool - Financial Secretary
  • Joy Rasche - Staff Parish Relations Committee
  • Billi Niemeier & Amanda Money - Chair of Education
  • Wanda Garloff - Sunday School Superintendent
  • Kristin Heikens - Chair of Worship
  • Judy Siemers - Chair of Outreach
  • Alice Anderson - Chair of Memorial
  • Laura Martin - Chair of Finance
  • Joel Hellinga - Chair of Trustees
  • Judy Taber - Membership Secretary
  • Ginny Verdoom - Secretary of Ad Council
  • Jennifer Krummen - United Methodist Women President

Meet The Youth Group Leaders

  • Junior High - Bill Niemeier, Beth Krummen, Cari Wallace
  • Senior High - Mel & Julie Zevenbergen, Matt Barnhart
  • Confirmation - Dr. Emmanuel Naweji